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Levon Parrish - When They Took My Life_MASTER.jpg

When They Took My Light, 2018


Atlanta, GA

Oil paintings

Ode To Man In Repose, 20221

Levon Parrish - Ode To Man In Repose_MASTER.jpg

History Underneath My Feet, 2020

Levon Parrish - History Underneath My Feet_MASTER.jpg

Levon paints ever evolving people using color, shapes and posture to tell their stories, bringing them life, inviting the viewer to mirror their journey. To shift. To observe. To experience them in their true, unfinished nature.

Levon Parrish - Untitled [Lady Surronded in Red]_MASTER.jpg
Levon Parrish - Man in Coffee Shop_MASTER.jpg

Untitled [The Red Lady], 2019

Levon Parrish - Call into the Wilderness_MASTER.jpg

Call into the Wilderness, 2018

Untitled [Man in Coffee Shop], 2021

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