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ARTIST TITLE partners with ART MONEY :
Art Money
is an art company.
It is not a bank, financial company or credit card.
It is an fully automated online platform with the potential to access a credit line within hours and have your art now.
As an art company, Art Money empowers art collectors & investors with access to an interest free credit leveraging buying power by increasing budget without creating debt.
Art Money is responsible feel good art buying with 10 payments in 10 months. No interest. No fees.
As a partner leveraging art buying power, ARTIST TITLE pays the fees of the art purchase to Art Money while the artist receives full payment of their artwork up front, creating a win win for all.
With no interest or credit card/bank fees, Art Money leverages responsible property ownership in the purchase of an affordable asset that is valuable art.
Art Money is a sales tool that empowers people to buy art.
Follow their link here for more info and to apply for credit in real time at $1000 minimum up to $100,000. 
Support authentic artists. Propogate property ownership. Empower self improvement. Invest in yourSELF.


-Shipping is included within all pricing, for domestic shipping within the US only. Please contact us for international shipping.

-Payments are securely made via Wix payment center and the PayPal platform. We also accept Venmo @artisttitle and Art Money.

-Please Note our RETURN POLICY : ALL SALES ARE FINAL : because the art is unique and difficult to ship we do not accept returns. 

Please see Privacy & Policies page for further details.

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